5 Tips For Your First Time Using A Menstrual Cup

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to try a menstrual cup, congratulations! You’re about to embark on a life-changing journey and I’ve got you sorted here with my top 5 menstrual cup tips for your first time using a menstrual cup! 

Let me tell you, your crazy friend/sister/coworker/random person on Instagram is not lying when they say THE MENSTRUAL CUP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

If you haven’t yet heard anything about the cup changing your life then head on over to my post 10 Ways Using A Menstrual Cup Will Change Your Life to get up to speed! 

The menstrual cup tips I share below assume you have in fact already purchased your menstrual cup, but if that’s not the case you will want to arm yourself with as much information as possible so you can make an informed purchase and therefore increase your chance of getting a menstrual cup that’s right for you. I have a free guide that will help you with choosing the right cup for you. You can download it by entering your email address below.

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Ok now you’ve got your cup, let me share my top five menstrual cup tips:

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1. The menstrual cup can take some getting used to –

In other words, don’t do what I did and buy your first cup right before you go on holiday. And then when your period arrives on your holiday don’t expect to be able to use it perfectly on your first attempt. 

Try and have a few practice periods first, like when you’re at home and can calmly read the instructions (yes, read the instructions!) Or watch some helpful YouTube videos on how to insert a menstrual cup. The more prepared you are, the better. 

You may be lucky and get it right the first time, but the correct positioning of the cup can take some getting used to.

You will definitely want to do some research on the different types of menstrual cup folds and how to insert your menstrual cup properly.

The tiny bathroom of a cabin in the Grand Canyon, that you’re sharing with a girl you met three days ago, is not the best place to be fussing around trying to learn how to insert a cup for the first time, just sayin’.

2. Use back up products for peace of mind –

A great way to ease into trying a cup for the first time is to use back-up products like period-proof underwear. This will ensure you are protected against any dreaded menstrual cup leak. Menstrual cup leaks are bound to happen as you get used to using your cup, so protect yourself with some period-proof underwear. My favourite brands of period underwear are Modibodi and Bonds. They both ship worldwide.

Click on this link to check out the Modibodi range and click on this link to check out the Bonds range.

Period underwear can be expensive, but it is worth it. Make sure you don’t pay any more than you need to by checking my Modibodi Discount Codes post here.

With the back up of period underwear, you don’t have to stress, you can feel comfortable that, even if you haven’t quite mastered the insertion of your cup, you will still be protected from leaks.

Please note, the absorbent  part of period-proof undies is usually black, which may make it difficult to tell if you’ve had much leakage. But you’ll probably be able to tell when you go to the toilet and wipe.

The point is, cup newbies, leaks happen to the best of us, just be prepared and learn from them.

Plus leakage is a good way to see that you haven’t quite nailed the insertion and positioning yet. So you know to keep practicing!

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3. Yes, there will be blood –

You’re about to get up close and personal with your period. And personally, I actually like it.

It’s informative to know how much you’re actually bleeding, you can even find out the exact measurements of your flow from the measurement lines on the cup.

You may have heard that apparently the average woman bleeds around 50ml per period…that’s wonderful, but how would you have a freaking clue how many ml you’re bleeding when it’s all just being absorbed into a pad or tampon?!

With the cup, you will see your flow right there, in the cup, and suddenly you’ll have a new found understanding of what is actually coming out of you every month.

Knowledge is power and this intimate knowledge of my period has actually led me down a path of learning so much about my period, my menstrual cycle and how my body works. It’s been fascinating and I love it! 

4. The shower is your cup’s best friend –

Look, if I had to choose a single favourite tip, this would be it. Remove and empty your cup in the shower. Even go one step further and reinsert it in the shower as well. 

If you’re a first time user I highly discourage attempting to empty your cup anywhere except the comfort of your own home and preferably in the shower.

If you don’t have a total steady grip, one tiny slip or bump could send the cup spilling everywhere and nothing, I repeat nothing, will discourage you more from using a cup ever again than spilling your cup full of blood everywhere in a public bathroom! Eek!

Emptying it in the shower is so easy. I mean still try and maintain a steady grip so you don’t splatter it up the shower walls and create something that looks like a murder scene.

But if that does happen, it’s an easy fix as you can wash it all away quickly.

The shower is perfect because you can rinse the cup out easily and then reinsert it straight away if you wish.

Plus, saving it for the shower is totally possible, cups can be left in for up to 12 hours (depending on the heaviness of your flow) so you should be able to work a shower removal easily into your schedule.

5. If at first you don’t succeed –

Please don’t write off the cup if you don’t master it the first time. Just try and try again.

If your cup isn’t working for you, thoroughly read the instructions to make sure you’re doing all the right things, try a different ‘fold’ technique for insertion, contact the cup company with your issue and see if they can help or if all else fails, try a different cup!

There are SO MANY cups on the market and they are all different just like every body is different. What works for one person may not work for you, so keep trying and don’t give up until you have mastered the cup life!

So there you have my top five tips for first-time cup users. If you’re already a menstrual cup master, please share your top tips for first-timers! Or if you’re a first-timer, please let me know the top questions you want answered!

Not enough tips for you? Want as many menstrual cup tips as you can get your hands on? Check out this post over on Buzzfeed 37 Menstrual Cup Tips From People Who Actually Use Them.

You’re welcome.

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