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After using a basic digital basal body thermometer for my entire fertility awareness method (FAM) journey so far, I finally decided to buy a Tempdrop back in November last year. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve written this in depth Tempdrop review to answer all the questions you might have about using a Tempdrop.

Deciding To Purchase A Tempdrop

Purchasing a Tempdrop is an investment. It is something I mulled over for a while before finally making the purchase.

Tracking your basal body temperature (BBT) is completely possibly using an affordable basic digital basal body thermometer (also called a digital ovulation thermometer) like this.

In fact, if you’re just starting out tracking your BBT then I recommend you do start with a basic thermometer. This way you can make sure charting your temperature daily is right for you.

You can pick up a basic digital ovulation thermometer from your local pharmacy, drugstore or online for less than $25 Australian Dollars.

The Downside of Using a Basic Digital Basal Body Thermometer

When tracking your BBT with a basic digital basal body thermometer, you ideally need to wake up each day at the same time, in order to take your temperature at the same time each day. Taking your temperature at different times can cause your temperature reading to fluctuate and be more difficult to interpret.

You also need to take your temperature first thing upon waking, after having at least three hours of uninterrupted sleep.

There are many other factors that can impact upon your temperature as well. Like if you’ve had alcohol the night before, if your room is colder or warmer than usual, if you had a late night or if you are ill.

All of these factors can make tracking your BBT in this way a bit more difficult, but not impossible.

As I mentioned, I took my BBT using a basic basal body thermometer for a long time before switching to a Tempdrop. But eventually I was finding it more and more difficult to take my BBT manually and meet all of the requirements.

That’s where Tempdrop comes in handy and why I finally decided to make the switch. Instead of having to take your temperature manually upon waking, Tempdrop uses two sensors to monitor your temperature continuously throughout the night, filtering out waking times and other variables to produce a true nightly sleeping temperature.

Want to learn more about the Tempdrop? Keep reading!

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What is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is a wearable basal body thermometer that accurately calculates your basal body temperature (BBT), while filtering out waking times and other variables. BBT is tracked and charted daily throughout the cycle. By tracking BBT you can identify once ovulation has occurred.

Click here to learn more about basal body temperature.

You wear the Tempdrop on your arm while sleeping. The Tempdrop sensor is encased in a plastic frame and attached to an armband. It looks like this:

Image of female wearing Tempdrop armband on her upper arm and reaching to touch the Tempdrop sensor
Image source: tempdrop.com

How Does Tempdrop Work?

Tempdrop uses two temperature sensors and an acceleration sensor to acquire information on ambient and body temperature. Tempdrop combines two algorithms to learn and precisely pinpoint your personal temperature patterns and deliver your accurate temperature data.

The learning algorithm and the patent-pending Active Temperature-Noise Cancellation (ATNC™) filtering algorithm, learns personal sleeping temperature patterns and filters out any disturbances to temperature readings like wake time, blankets or sleeping positions.

The Tempdrop Early Learning Period

Because the Tempdrop uses a learning algorithm, it does take some time after you first start using it to learn your unique patterns and filter variables.

It needs 14 days of data collection to be able to identify patterns and filter out the variables to give smoother temperature readings.

But if you are already temping with a traditional BBT thermometer and you are using your temperature data to avoid pregnancy, then you should continue using your existing temping method for up to 60 days, while your Tempdrop is in its early learning phase. You should also not rely on the Tempdrop temperatures in this early 60 day period if you are avoiding pregnancy.

Tempdrop Algorithm vs Other Algorithms

I am a big advocate for saying NO to algorithms. We do not need an algorithm to predict anything to do with our cycle. We are intelligent and wise beings, we are capable of making our own data interpretations.

The Tempdrop sensor algorithm however is different. It is not an algorithm making predictions on anything to do with your fertile window and ovulation time.

It is using an algorithm to learn your sleeping temperature patterns and filter out any disturbances to your temperature, like midnight bathroom trips.

So this algorithm is acceptable and very helpful.

Retroactive Temperature Changes

Beyond the first 60 days of learning, retroactive changes to your last 2 days of temperatures can continue to occur. This is because the algorithm filters variables that may have affected the initial temperature result.

I haven’t noticed a huge issue with this and Tempdrop explains that retroactive changes will mostly occur when you have a questionable or out of the ordinary sleep (e.g. alcohol or poor sleep).

However, if you are charting to strictly avoid pregnancy then you may wish to wait an extra day to confirm your temperature rise. I do this, and it is a little annoying to have to wait that extra day, but it is what is is.

How to Wear Tempdrop

The correct positioning of the Tempdrop is important in order for the device to obtain accurate data to calculate your temperature.

Tempdrop is worn just below the armpit, under the upper arm. It should sit on the soft skin between your bicep and tricep muscles.

The Tempdrop armband needs to be secured firmly around the arm to ensure the sensor stays in place throughout the night and doesn’t move around. The armband is adjustable and you can also find different armbands from third party businesses like on Etsy.

I have not had any discomfort wearing the Tempdrop armband to sleep at night, so there is no need to feel concerned about that.

Below is an illustration of where the Tempdrop should sit. You can also see there is an option to secure the sensor inside a bra. I have not tried this placement so cannot comment further on how it works.

Image source: tempdrop.com

How to Obtain the Tempdrop Temperature Data

The Tempdrop sensor is quite a small device, it’s only feature is a small button to press to turn it on before you go to sleep. It will flash green so you know it’s on.

There is no screen anywhere on the Tempdrop device which may leave you to wonder where you read the daily temperature from?

Well, Tempdrop has an app which you must download in order to obtain the temperature reading from the sensor.

In the morning, you can sync the Tempdrop sensor with the app. It will pull the temperature data from the sensor and display it in the app.

The sensor can hold up to 24 hours worth of temperature data, so around 3 days of temps.

Syncing Tempdrop With Cycle Tracking Apps

If you are using an app like Read Your Body to chart your cycle, you can link the Tempdrop app and the Ready Your Body app. Once the two apps are connected, the temperature data can be pulled from Tempdrop into the Read Your Body app with the press of one button.

Whilst Read Your Body is the app I use and love, the Tempdrop auto-integration feature is also available in Ovuview and Chart Neo. I have not used either of these apps.

The Tempdrop data can also be input manually into any app which does not have auto-integration.

Tempdrop Pricing

There is only one type of Tempdrop however you can choose from two different size armbands and also select add-ons such as the Confidence plan and Insurance. Selecting the Confidence add-on means you will get 12 month refund option and extended warranty. Selecting Insurance will mean you receive one year insurance against loss or accidental damage.

I personally didn’t choose either of these options, but the insurance would have come in handy for me when I recently misplaced my Tempdrop and had to order a new one.

Please note these prices are current as at August 2021.

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The Tempdrop App

In December 2020, Tempdrop launched version 3.0 of their app. This saw it move beyond being an app that just synced with the Tempdrop and displayed the temperature readings. It moved into the new realm of being a full cycle charting app.

The Tempdrop app comes in a free version which allows you to track your symptoms and view them on a chart. It also shows estimated period length and Ovulation, but not a fertile phase or fertility window.

The premium (paid) version of the app offers the capabilities of the free version, plus additional insights and data interpretation.

The Tempdrop Premium App

Real-time fertile window estimates and verification are offered in the Tempdrop Premium app. The fertile window is estimated based on the users unique cycle history and then verified based on new data entered.

Further, the premium app also automatically interprets the temperature data and cervical fluid data as well as providing an indication of ovulation day.

I never recommend using an app that makes assumptions or interpretations for you based on historical cycle data or using an algorithm. An app cannot predict your fertile window or your ovulation date.

That is so important, it bears repeating:

An app cannot predict your fertile window or your ovulation date.

You do not need an app to make auto-interpretations of your data. The best thing you can do is to learn a fertility awareness method yourself and be able to interpret your own data.

Past cycles are not an indication of future cycles. You may have very similar or identical cycles every month for years, until one day you don’t.

The time you ovulate can be impacted by so many things like stress and illness. These are factors that an algorithm is not going to know about until it’s too late.

For this reason, I do not recommend using the Tempdrop app for any automatic interpretations or estimates.

Tempdrop App Interpretations

Thankfully, Tempdrop are quite open about their app interpretations feature and they have this to say about it:

“The Tempdrop App uses the base guidelines common to most known and proven Symptothermal methods (STM) of fertility awareness to help you identify ovulation as well as your fertile window each cycle.

Whilst the Tempdrop App interpretations are based on the STM of fertility awareness, the interpretations provided are intended to only be used as a complement to your chosen family planning decisions.

The interpretations should not be solely relied upon for the purpose of contraception, birth control, or medical purposes.

Therefore we strongly advise seeking a qualified Fertility Awareness instructor or other self-teaching resources to learn a symptothermal method and support your fertility journey.”


Is Tempdrop An Alternative to Contraception or Birth Control?

Tempdrop is used to measure daily basal body temperature (BBT) only. BBT is used as one indicator of fertility in a number of fertility awareness methods (FAM).

You can use FAM to observe when you are fertile and when you are not fertile within your cycle. These observations can then be used to either avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy.

Click here to learn more about Fertility Awareness.

The Tempdrop is a complementary instrument to enhance your ability to monitor your daily BBT.

Tempdrop states:

“The app and its wearable sensor, in themselves, are not, nor are they intended to be, a fertility monitor, a substitute for contraception, or a method of birth control.”

If you want to learn FAM to identify the fertile time in your cycles and use this knowledge in accordance with your family planning desires, then you should look to learn with an instructor.

I am currently completing the practical component of my training as a Fertility Awareness Educator. Soon I will be offering you to learn how to chart your cycle using FAM with me.

Sign up to my mailing list below to be notified when this service is available.

Who Is Tempdrop Suitable For?

Tempdrop is suitable for anyone who wants to track their basal body temperature.

I recognise the cost of a Tempdrop is significant. I want to be clear that you definitely do not need a Tempdrop to successfully track your BBT. You can get by on a very small budget, with a basic basal body thermometer and a pen and paper chart.

Tempdrop does make temping easier though. It is perfect for shiftworkers, mothers – including breastfeeding mothers, inconsistent sleepers, interrupted sleepers and anyone who doesn’t want temping to get in the way of their lifestyle.

Can the Tempdrop Be Used to Achieve Pregnancy?

Tempdrop is a fantastic complementary tool in monitoring your fertility. However Tempdrop only measures and records basal body temperature.

A rise in BBT indicates once ovulation has occurred and therefore indicates the end of the fertile window. If you are wanting to achieve pregnancy, you will also need to monitor your cervical fluid to know when your fertile window opens.

You can chart BBT to identify the biphasic temperature pattern of the cycle. BBT will be within a lower range for the first half of the cycle, pre-ovulation. BBT will rise after ovulation has occurred. It will stay in this higher range if pregnancy is achieved or until the next period occurs.

This is what a biphasic chart looks like:

Is Tempdrop Safe to Use?

This is a valid question for any device that you are wearing attached to your body, for many hours every evening.

The good thing about the Tempdrop is it only transmits a Bluetooth signal in the first 30 seconds of being turned on. The other time it transmits a Bluetooth signal is when it is removed and manually turned on to sync to the app.

According to the Tempdrop website:

  • it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit data, which is a very low energy signal (approximately 1000x less than a cell phone);
  • it is powered by a standard coin cell type watch battery while it is being worn and recording;
  • and it is made from medical grade materials and has FCC and CE certifications. There is no Nickle in the metal sensor. 

Final Thoughts on Tempdrop

I have been using my Tempdrop for 9 months now and it has made temping so much easier for me.

Not having to think about taking my temperature manually every morning means I do not have to worry about waking up at the same time every day. I can sleep in on the weekends and can get up in the early AM to use the bathroom or attend to my cat without having to worry about taking my temperature.

If you have a disturbed sleep but want to continue temping, then I highly recommend trying Tempdrop.

It is easy to use, comfortable, safe and accurate. Tempdrop is the perfect companion to a successful FAM charting experience.

If you want to purchase a Tempdrop, you can do so, and get 10% off, by clicking this link: Click here to purchase Tempdrop or use the code TDBETTER10 at checkout.

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