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Do you want a better period?

Hi! I’m Ellie. I’m 32 years old and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I started The Better Period after going through my own journey to a better period. I figured if I could make my period a better experience, then so could everyone.

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A little bit about my journey

My journey began when I came off the contraceptive pill, at age 24, after having been on it for around 7 years. During this time, I loved the freedom to be able to skip my period whenever I wanted and I saw my period as nothing more than an inconvenience in my life. 

Ever since my first period began, I paid as little attention as possible to it. It was something I just endured every month and so I was extremely disconnected from it.

When I came off the pill and no longer had the option to skip my period, I began the search for a better alternative to managing my period. I knew there had to be something better than pads and tampons. It was then I discovered the menstrual cup, and later, period-proof underwear.

Discovering reusable period products

These reusable period products were life-changing for me, and instrumental in making my period experience so much better.

I felt compelled to spread the message about menstrual cups and period underwear with the world, through building an online community.

This has taken the form of this website and blog, as well on social media. 

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Along the way I realised there is so much more to our menstrual cycle than just the annoying few days of the period.

What started as a desire to only talk about reusable period products has since developed into a passion for sharing all things menstrual cycle and fertility awareness. I’m constantly learning and developing my expertise in this field and I love helping others learn about the wonders of our menstrual cycle.

How can you start your journey to a better period?

In my experience, having a better period has come in two ways.

For me, it started with the use of better period products, such as reusables like the menstrual cup and period-proof underwear

Once I found a comfortable way to manage my period, with products that gave me more freedom and less inconvenience on the days I was bleeding, I started to hate my period a little bit less.

After starting to feel more connected to my period experience, I found myself wanting to know more about my menstrual cycle. Over time, I gained a better knowledge of my menstrual cycle and took that further by also learning about fertility awareness and how my menstrual cycle and my fertility all works together. It was then I started to love my period a little bit more.

It’s truly been life changing, and I want that for everyone. 

Curious about reusable period products?

How lucky we are to have so many options now for managing our period. It used to be just pads or tampons and that was it. Now we can also choose from menstrual cups, period underwear, reusable pads and more.

I’ve found my happy place using both a menstrual cup and period underwear, as I find they complement each other well. So you’ll find I mostly talk about those two product categories. 

Menstrual Cups

If you want to learn more about menstrual cups, you can find everything I’ve written about menstrual cups here.

More specifically here are some of my most popular posts about menstrual cups:

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Plus you can download The Better Period Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Menstrual Cup.

Period Underwear

If you also want to learn about period underwear, you can find everything you need to know here.

If you want to jump straight into the most popular posts about period underwear, check these out:

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Plus coming soon I will be releasing The Better Period Guide to Period Underwear – Everything You Need to Know! If you want me to email you a copy when it’s released, you can sign up to my mailing list here:

Menstrual Cycle

I’ve learnt so much from taking the time to truly understand how my menstrual cycle, reproductive system and fertility works. I personally didn’t learn a lot of this at school and so I think it is so vital that we bridge this gap in our knowledge. We deserve to know how our bodies work and how to use this knowledge to our best advantage.

You can learn more about our menstrual cycle and reproductive system by clicking here.

Fertility Awareness

I am currently in training to become a Fertility Awareness Educator and I can’t wait to continue sharing more about the Symptothermal Method of Fertility Awareness with you.  


There are so many great resources available to help you get started on your own journey to a better period. Whether it be trying out some reusable products for yourself, reading about the menstrual cycle, fertility awareness, finding your period power OR even taking a menstrual cycle related course, you can find everything you need to get you started over on my Resources Page. Just click this link to go there now: Resources Page.

Where else can you find me?

The best way to keep in touch with me is by subscribing to The Better Period newsletter. That way you can get everything you need for a better period straight into your inbox. You can subscribe below:

But let’s face it, I’m a millennial, so I also hang out a lot on Instagram! I share heaps of fun, easy to digest information on my Instagram page, along with the occasional funny period meme. If you’re on Instagram too, let’s connect! You can follow me here: @thebetterperiod_

Plus you’ll also find me on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Pinterest.

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