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What is Period Swimwear?

Period swimwear are leak proof swimmers that will allow you, or your daughter, to go swimming on your period without anything to worry about. Depending on your flow, period swimwear can be worn on its own without the need for pads or tampons. With a heavier flow, they can be used as back-up protection to a menstrual cup or tampon.

Is Period Swimwear the Same As Period Underwear?

You may have already heard of period underwear, but period swimwear is actually a bit different. Unfortunately you can’t just wear your period underwear into the water, or you may just end up with underpants full of water!

So How Does Period Swimwear Work Then?

I’m going to explain how Modibodi period swimwear works because that’s the period swimwear I am most familiar with.

Modibodi period swimwear has two layers in the absorbent gusset. The top layer, closest to your vulva, is the absorbent layer. This layer can absorb up to 10ml of fluid which is the equivalent of 2 tampons worth. This top layer fights bacteria and stops smells.

The bottom layer contains the waterproof protection. It is made from water repellant fabric that dries 3 times faster than any other swimwear on the market.

The water repellant fabric works to keep the water out and ensure the absorbent top layer is not in touch with the water. The absorbent gusset is there to absorb your menstrual fluid, we don’t want it absorbing the regular water.

Because the swimwear sits snugly against the vulva, this ensures no water gets in.

Does Period Swimwear ACTUALLY Work?

Yes, period swimwear really does work! I saw this amazing experiment that Milina from @beyondthecusp posted on her Instagram stories. Milina runs empowering period workshops for teenage girls and their mums which you can check out here.

In the experiment on her Instagram, Milina put the absorbent gusset of the Modibodi period swimwear around an open bottle of red liquid, dunked it into a bucket of water and swirled it around. None of the red liquid came out into the water. She did the same with a pair of normal swimwear and the red liquid came out everywhere.

It was really incredible to see the period swimwear work so effectively like that.

I also had a friend unexpectedly message me recently to say this:

“It’s official. Modibodi has changed my life. I’ll never go back. I love them! And my period swimmers might be my favourite. I’ve gone for a swim without a second thought every day of my period this week. Love your work! You’ve got me converted.”

Will Anyone Be Able To Tell I’m Wearing A Period Swimsuit?

The absorbent gusset in the Modibodi period swimwear is very discreet. It is thin and not bulky at all. The only time someone may be able to tell that you’re wearing a period swimsuit is if they own the same one!

Is Period Swimwear Suitable For A Heavy Period?

All Modibodi swimwear from both the adult range and teen range is labelled as suitable for a light period to moderate period. This absorbency is designed to absorb up to 10ml or the equivalent of two tampons worth of menstrual fluid.

That might not sound like a lot but we actually lose a lot less menstrual fluid than you probably think. Here’s a helpful visual I created on Instagram that shows just how much the average period flow is over ALL the days of the period:

Of course, if you or your daughter have a heavy period then you may be worried about leaks when swimming on your period. In this case, you might like to wear the period swimsuit as a back-up with a tampon or menstrual cup.

Something else worth noting is that when you’re actually in the water, the pressure from the water can have the effect of stopping your period from flowing. So you may be surprised to find you don’t have as much period flow as expected when you’re in the water. Of course, this phenomenon will stop once you get out. Click this link to read more about it.

Is There Period Swimwear for Teens?

Yes! Modibodi have a line called Modibodi RED specifically designed to suit teens/younger bodies. Modibodi RED has both normal period underwear and period swimwear, which are on sale for 50% off right now. Click this link to view the teen period proof swimmers.

What Colours and Styles do Period Swimwear Come in?

In both the Modibodi and Modibodi RED swim ranges, the period swimwear styles come in black and navy.

The period swimwear size range is from 06/XS to 18/2XL in adults and size Youth 8-10 to Youth 14-16.

Here are the different swimwear styles:

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Where to Buy Period Swimwear

The best place to buy period swimwear is online directly at the Modibodi shop. Period Swimwear is currently on sale at 50% off, which is a great deal!

New Modibodi customer? Click this link to get the exclusive 10% off discount code for new customers!

Click the button below to view the shop.

Some Modibodi styles are stocked in Big W stores in Australia, however I am not aware if they stock the swimwear in store. If you’re in Australia, you can always double check at your local Big W store.

Before you buy online, do check this post for any current discount codes that are available.

If you’re a new Modibodi customer you can use the code TBP10 (in Australia) to receive 10% off your first over $100 AUD.

Orders over $100 AUD will automatically get free shipping, but if your order is less than that, you can use the code FLYFREE for free shipping.

Do Any Other Brands Sell Period Swimwear?

Modibodi is the only period swimwear brand I have tried. Other brands which seem to sell period swimwear are:

Ruby Love and

I have not tried either of these, however you can do your own research and see if they are suitable for your period swimming needs!

I have received questions about Bonds Period Swimwear, but I can confirm Bonds do not currently have a period swimwear range, they only have their Bloody Comfy Period Undies range which are period underwear not swimsuit bottoms.

Other Options For Swimming on Your Period

Not sure if period swimwear is enough for you but still keen to swim on your period days without pads or tampons? Then you may be interested in a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are reusable, so are a good sustainable period option. They are worn internally to catch your menstrual flow. They can be worn for up to 10-12 hours, depending on the heaviness of your flow and the manufacturers guidelines and they are a great companion to period swimwear, as period swimwear can be used as a back-up to catch any leaks.

Read more about menstrual cups here or sign up to my mailing list below and I will send you my free guide to choosing your best menstrual cup:

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