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Are you searching for Modibodi reviews before taking the leap of faith and investing in period underwear?

Well, you’re in the right place because I’ve written an in-depth Modibodi review for you below.

I’ve tried to cover every question I can think of about Modibodi period underwear, but if there is something I’ve missed or you’ve still got questions please reach out to me! You can do this by commenting below, emailing me at hello@thebetterperiod.com or sending me a DM me on Instagram @thebetterperiod_

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What is Modibodi? 

Modibodi is an Australian period underwear brand. If you’ve heard of Thinx, Modibodi are the Australian version of Thinx. And were launched around the same time. Both Modibodi and Thinx are the original period underwear brands. 

Even though Modibodi is an Australian company, they are available worldwide.

There have been many period underwear brands to pop-up in the years since Modibodi first launched. Brands like Bonds, Ruby Love, TOM Organic, Love Luna and Bambody. I believe Modibodi are a much superior quality to some of the other brands that are on the market now, but I’ll talk more about that later.

About Modibodi

Modibodi first began in late 2013 by founder Kristy Chong. Kristy came up with the idea after experiencing light bladder leakage from the birth of her second child. 

She quite rightly began wondering why, despite all the advances in technology, hadn’t underwear evolved. And why had period products stayed the same for centuries, with little to no innovation.

So Modibodi was born. Well, that’s the highly abridged version. It obviously was years in the making to get the right prototype, science, fabric and design to end up with the quality product that Modibodi is today. 

Today, Modibodi is a collection of underpants, swimwear, activewear, accessories, as well as a teenage range and even a men’s range for male bladder leakage! They boast a broad range of styles, fabrics and absorbencies. You can check out the full Modibodi range here.

What is Period Underwear?

If you’re still grappling with the concept of period underwear, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Period undies, period underwear, period panties, period-proof undies, period-proof panties, leak-proof underwear, leak-proof panties. There are many names for period underwear. They more or less mean the same thing. But that’s not to say all brands are created equal. 

I have written about period underwear here before but since you’re here, let’s recap. Period Underwear is underwear you can bleed straight into when you have your period.

How Does Period Underwear Work?

Period underwear contains special absorbent technology that will absorb your menstrual flow and wick away moisture, all while killing bacteria and smells.

Depending on your flow, you may be able to use them as a stand alone period management solution. That means, no pads or tampons required. Or you may to prefer to use them as a back up with your menstrual cup, or as peace of mind protection when your period is starting or finishing.

Since this post is a Modibodi review, I’ll explain how Modibodi period underwear specifically works. The detailed explanation below has come from the information on the Modibodi website. They are the experts afterall. 

How Modibodi Works? 

A common question I get asked is How do Modibodi work? The Modibodi range has four different types of linings.

Periods & Bladder leaks – the lining for periods, heavy discharge and bladder leaks.

Sweaty Betty – the lining to keep you fresh while you’re getting hot and sweaty.

Waterproof – the lining specifically for getting wet which amazingly gives us waterproof and leakproof period swimwear.

Breastfeeding – And finally, not to forget our maternity mamma’s, the lining used in the maternity wear for breastfeeding mums and their leaky boobs.

Modibodi uses high quality, tech-savvy fabrics like Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre. They also have a vegan range.

How Does Modibodi Period Proof Underwear Work?

For periods and bladder leaks, Modibodi use their patented Modifier Technology which is the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres, creating a super slim (only 3mm) stain resistant lining. Click here to shop the whole Modibodi range suitable for periods and bladder leaks.

There are three layers in this one. 

  1. The top layer wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells, so you stay dry and fresh
  2. The middle layer absorbs fluid and locks it away (5-20mls depending on the absorbency you go with)
  3. The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, so you’re super secure.

Modibodi Sweat Proof Underwear

For getting sweaty, Modibodi use their Modifier Air Technology, which is a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining. Click here to shop the whole activewear and sweat-proof Modibodi range.

The Moisture-wicking layer in this range draws sweat and discharge away and fights bacteria to keep you fresh as a daisy, all day.

The Modibodi sweat proof underwear is the perfect underwear to wear when working out, going for walks or any other time when you’re getting sweaty down there.

Modibodi Leak Proof Swimwear

To get their exclusive water-repellent, leak-proof swimwear range, Modibodi have come up with a patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology. Click here to shop the leak-proof period swimwear range.

They are leak proof for periods and bladder leaks and can hold up to 10ml.

The top layer fights bacteria and stops smells.

The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, with water repellant fabric which dries 3 times faster than any other swimming costume on the market.

If you want to learn more about Modibodi period swimwear, then click this link to read my popular post about swimming on your period.

Modibodi Leak proof Maternity Singlet

The Modibodi maternity singlet uses the same three-layered modifier technology in the breast cups as is used in the period proof underwear. Click here to shop the whole Maternity range.

Each breast cup can hold up to 10ml. 

How Absorbent are Modibodi Period Underwear?

The thing with periods is, everyone’s period is different. Even your own period might be different from day to day or cycle to cycle. 

You might spot a bit before your period officially starts. Your first day or two might hit you like a tsunami. Your last few days might ease off a bit. Or the complete other way around! 

Whatever your flow is like, Modibodi has you covered with their range of absorbencies. 

From Superlight absorbency = 5 ml or 1 tampon (useful for occasional leaks and minor discharge)


Light-Moderate absorbency = 10ml or 2 tampons (can be used alone on light period days or as a back-up on your heavier days)


Moderate-Heavy absorbency = 15 ml or 2-3 tampons (can be used along on moderate to heavy period days, depending on your flow)


Heavy/overnight absorbency = 20 ml or 3-4 tampons (the heaviest absorbency can be used alone for your heaviest period days or alone overnight, again depending on your flow)

and now

Maxi-24hrs absorbency = 50 ml or 10 tampons. The Maxi-24hrs are tested to hold up to 50ml per day. To put that in perspective, the average person loses 30-50 ml of blood in total over all the days of the period. So the maxi absorbency should cover even the heaviest periods.

What period Underwear Absorbency Do I Need?

Working out what absorbency period underwear you need can be a bit of a stab in the dark if you don’t fully know your flow. Using a menstrual cup is a great way to understand how much menstrual fluid you’re actually losing throughout your period. Because you can physically see your menstrual fluid collected in the cup for you. Some cups have measurement lines to help you even more.

But otherwise, here are some tips:

  • According to Dr Lara Briden, author of Period Repair Manual: Every Woman’s Guide to Better Periods you should lose a total of about 50mL over the days of your period. Less than 25mL is scanty flow and more than 80mL is heavy flow.
  • One soaked regular pad or tampon holds 5 mL and a super tampon 10 mL, so you may be able to observe how many pads or tampons you are soaking through to calculate what your flow is like. Remember to adjust your calculation if you’re not soaking through. 

Based on the above and the knowledge of your own period, hopefully you should be able to work out which absorbency of period underwear is best for you.

You may like to have different pairs for different days of your cycle.

If you are also interested in menstrual cups, you’ll want to read The Better Period Guide to Choosing Your Best Menstrual Cup, which you can download below. In the guide I explain all the factors to take into consideration when choosing a menstrual cup. This will help you choose a menstrual cup that is right for YOU! You can download the guide below.

Let’s take a look at my Modibodi order

I’m going to show you two of the items I bought in this Modibodi order. They are:

1 x Classic Bikini in heavy/overnight absorbency – click here to shop this style

1 x Seamfree Bikini in moderate – heavy absorbency – click here to shop this style

Modibodi Classic Bikini in heavy/overnight absorbency

I ordered the Modibodi Classic Bikini in the heavy/overnight absorbency and in a size 8/XS.

At the time of writing (October 2019), the cost of this style is $29.00 AUD – Check here for the latest price

I got a very bright and fun purple colour, technically called amaranth. But they also come in black, tan and look out for their special limited edition and seasonal colours as well. 

If you want to see what they look like in live form, take a look at my YouTube video where I show them up close and personal AND I also try them on, so you can see what they look like on.

The packaging of the Modibodi Classic Bikini looks like this:

modibodi packaging

This is what the Classic Bikini in the Heavy/Overnight absorbency looks like:

holding up the purple Modibodi period underwear

Here is the classic bikini inside out, you can see what the absorbent gusset at the back looks like and how far it comes up (all the way!):

back of purple modibodi undies

And this is how they look on:

The verdict: I am really happy with the Classic Bikini in the Overnight/Heavy absorbency. 

Sometimes I wear my menstrual cup overnight, but other times I don’t feel like having anything inside me and I find the overnight period undies a really good alternative to a cup and a much better alternative to an overnight pad. 

I haven’t experienced any leaks with the overnight bikini, however that is a completely individual and personal experience.

I know my sister has experienced leaks with these overnight, so you will need to try them out yourself to see how they work for you. If you are concerned about leaks, you may like to consider the new Maxi-24 hours absorbency that Modibodi have recently released. They are for a very heavy flow, designed to absorb up to 50ml or the equivalent of 10 tampons worth! Click this link to check them out on the Modibodi website.

At the time of writing (October 2019) the Classic Bikini style was rated a 4.9 out of 5 based on 2,062 reviews and 99% of reviewers would recommend to a friend. I’d say that’s a success rate to be proud of. 

If you like this style and would like to try it for yourself, you can click this link to go to the Modibodi website and buy your own pair now today!

Seamfree Bikini in moderate – heavy absorbency

I ordered the Modibodi Seamfree Bikini in the moderate – heavy absorbency and in a size 8/XS.

At the time of writing (October 2019), the cost of this style is $30.00 AUD – check the latest prices here.

This pair are so soft and smooth and are really comfortable.

I got this pair in tan, but they also come in black.

If you want to see what they look like in live form, take a look at my YouTube video where I show them up close and personal AND I also try them on, so you can see what they look like on.

The packaging for this style is the same as the Classic Bikini.

This is what the absorbent gusset looks like at the front of the Seamfree Bikini:

absorbent gusset of seam free modibodi period underwear

And this is what it looks like at the back. 

Gusset from back of seam free Modibodi period underwear

You can see the absorbent gusset at the back stops way shorter than the overnight pair. I liken this to a day time pad and an overnight pad. 

The overnight pad is extra long to come all the way up at the back and protect you from leaks while you lie down. The same thing goes for the overnight period underwear. 

The Seamfree moderate – heavy underwear is not made for night time so the gusset stops just under your bum, like a daytime pad would! 

And this is what they look like on:

I discuss the Modibodi sizing a bit further below, but you can see in these photos that the gusset folds in at my butt and is a bit wide at the front. I think I would have been better going down a size for this pair. This is totally a sizing issue though and I still love this pair of underwear. 

The verdict: I really like the Seamfree Bikini in the moderate – Heavy absorbency. 

I’m not quite brave enough to wear these alone under a white dress/skirt or white jeans on a full period day. But I have worn them under white jeans when I’m at the end of my period (you know when you’re not quite sure if you’ve finished up yet) and also at the start of my period when I’m not quite sure if it’s coming yet or not. 

I also have worn these under white as a back-up to a menstrual cup to protect me from any sneaky leaks and basically to just give me peace of mind! This pair are exceptionally comfortable and feel great to wear.

After a few wears and washes, the fabric of this pair has pilled on the front, the back and the crotch, where the undies have obviously rubbed against the fabric of my clothes e.g. denim jeans. This doesn’t bother me, but I understand other people may not be happy for this to happen to an expensive pair of undies. 

At the time of writing (October 2019) the Seamfree Bikini was rated a 4.8 out of 5 based on 767 reviews and 99% of reviewers would recommend to a friend. Another great rating and review for this pair of period underwear. 

If you like the Seamfree Bikini as much as I do, you can click this link to buy your own pair.

It is worth noting that the Seamfree also comes in a full brief style as well as the bikini – click here to check it out.

Modibodi Sizing

I am 158cm tall (or short, depending on how you look at it!) and my usual size is a size 8. In both the Classic Bikini and Seamfree Bikini I ordered the size 8/XS. 

I think the Classic Bikini fit true to size. They are a different cut to the kind of undies I would normally wear, but that’s to be expected. They are designed to keep you leak free overnight afterall. When they are on, they look discreet and they feel really comfortable.

As you can see in the photos above, I found the Seamfree Bikini to fit well across my hips but the gusset part felt a bit wide and also bunched a bit on my bum. I wondered if I would be better with a smaller size, but I kept this size and have worn them with no issue. One thing to note with the Seamfree Bikini is they are extremely tight/small when they first arrive. A subsequent pair I bought in this style were SO tight I could hardly get them on. However this is just the design and they will loosen up/stretch once washed.

Modibodi Review Wrap-up

I hope this Modibodi review of the Classic Bikini and Seamfree Bikini was helpful to you. 

For me, period underwear is a welcome addition to my collection of reusable period products and helps me to have a better period experience every month. 

I’m sure you will also love period underwear and you’ll love the improvement they make to your period experience. If you’re ready to give them a try, click this link to head over to Modibodi and find a style to suit your period. 

And don’t forget to check if there are any current Modibodi discount codes you could use to save $$ on your order!

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    1. Hi Megan, yes packaging is discreet! Modibodi comes in a black compostable bag. The branding on the packaging is the package company branding which is called Dirt Bag from Better Packaging Co.

  1. This is a brilliant article Ellie, thank you for taking the time to be so detailed. I felt way out of my comfort zone even considering doing this, given I have been using tampons for about 33 years. I spent way too long looking at all the types, but finally decided on the classic as the best option for my first trials at wearing it. I watched your video, read all of your tips and took the plunge. The process on ModiBodi was simple and my products arrived in a few days. Best of all, they fit snugly and felt really comfortable. The real test is yet to come but I’m feeling much better about it thanks to you.

    1. That’s so good to hear Kerri! I’m so pleased you found the article useful and decided to take the plunge to try Modibodi. It’s a big step after so long using tampons but I do hope it continues to be a positive experience for you. If you have any questions along the way please let me know, I’ll be happy to help. Good luck!

  2. Poor sizing. Like REALLY bad. Ordered a pair of Bikini bottoms hip 80cm. They arrived actually measure 60cm hip. How on earth will these fit, they won’t stretch 20cm !!! Awful customer service saying their ‘sizing guide’ is just that ‘a guide’. They won’t refund-
    Furious and a total waste of money- beware their sizing guide is not true by FAR!!

    1. Oh no, that’s not good! I would try their customer service again, you should be able to return them to change for a different size, especially if they are clearly that different from the size guide. It could be a fault in that item you received. Was this your first purchase of Modibodi? If so, you could make use of their 60 day risk free trial which you can find out more about here: https://www.modibodi.com/pages/return-60-days-trial-policy
      I’ve also sent you an email to see if I can help you any further 🙂

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