Modibodi Period Underwear Review: Ordering, Delivery and First Impressions

Have you been wondering about period underwear or thinking about buying a pair or two but just aren’t sure yet then this article is for you?

Because, my lovely friends, I’ve taken one for the team and bought a pair for myself – so now I can tell you all my thoughts so far.

As a disclosure, I bought this pair of underwear myself but this article does contain affiliate links. If you click on these links you will be directed to the Modibodi site and if you make a purchase I may receive a commission for referring you. This is at no cost to you. I am not paid to write this post and all opinions are 100% my own! If you would like to learn more about this, you can check out my affiliate disclosure.

Ok let’s get started! If you have no idea what period underwear is then go to this earlier post to find out more: Meet Period Underwear, Your New Favourite Undies!

Review of ModiBodi Period Undies

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I ordered my very first pair of period underwear from Modibodion February 21 2018, I was notified on February 22 they had been posted and, with standard postage, they arrived at my delivery address on February 26.

So in less than a week I had them in my hot little hands!

FYI, I am based in Sydney, Australia and Modibodi is an Australian company.


They state on their website that shipping in Australia is estimated to be 3-5 business days with standard postage to metropolitan areas and 5-7 business days to regional areas.

With express post you’re looking at 1-2 business days and 3-5 business days respectively for metro and regional areas. Of course, in the end, this is all in the lap of the Australia Post gods and we all know how they can be sometimes!

If you place your order by 10AM it will be dispatched the same day.

Please note: all of the above shipping details are still up to date as at 22 January 2019!

If you’re even further in the future and want to be doubly sure, then you can head straight to the Modibodi website for their most up to date shipping details, click this link: Modibodi shipping information.


Despite being born in Australia, Modibodi are global.

They have a US site, a UK site and an EU site. If you head to the Modibodi website, it should automatically redirect you to your relevant site. Alternatively, in top right-hand corner you can select your region manually.

Modibodi delivery in the UK and North Ireland is FREE for standard shipping with the following time frames:

  • metro areas is 3-5 business days (includes packing and posting)
  • regional areas 5-7 business days

Express Shipping 2 business days for metro areas and 3-5 business days for regional areas. Orders are dispatched daily.

Modibodi delivers to most addresses in the EU with orders dispatched from their UK warehouse.

Estimated time for standard delivery to

  • metro areas is 5-7 business days (includes packing and posting)
  • regional areas 7-10 business days

For customers in the United States and Mexico, Modibodi ships for FREE on orders over $75USD.

Estimated time for standard delivery to

  • metro areas is 3-5 business days (includes packing and posting)
  • regional areas 5-7 business days


The package arrives in discreet packaging, that is, PERIOD UNDERWEAR is not emblazoned across the package which is a positive if you’re having yours delivered to a public place such as your office or the lobby of your apartment block.

I had mine delivered to work and there was no branding on the package at all, so the men of the mail room were none the wiser!

**PLEASE NOTE, this is current at the time of writing, which was in early 2018. The packaging may have changed in that time.

Modibodi have also since introduced sustainable packaging, with their underwear packed in recyclable cardboard pouches like this:

Modibodi Sustainable Packaging


I was SO excited to finally have my first pair and couldn’t wait to open them to see what they were like. I filmed myself opening them to get my honest first reaction and to be honest it wasn’t great – but stay with me!

The pair I ordered were a size 10 in the Classic Bikini heavy/overnight absorbency. When I opened them I was a little taken aback at how big they looked, not just size wise but also the cut of them was nothing like I was used to.

I want to give you my honest first impression so I will tell you “granny pants” did come to mind. Eek! However I obviously just didn’t read the description properly because it clearly says:

“The Classic Bikini has a higher leg and sits on the hip for a safe, snug fit.”

These bad boys are for heavy days and overnighters, so it makes sense that they are this fit.

I was super impressed with how the padding felt in the underwear. Given these were a heavy absorbency pair I thought they’d feel a lot thicker, but surprisingly it doesn’t feel like much at all.

When I tried them on, my initial concerns about the cut of the underwear were completely erased! Once you’ve got them on, they don’t feel like granny pants at all! They feel super soft and comfy and they don’t sit up too high on me at all. The padding is barely noticeable and I think I would be quite happy even wearing them during the day.

You can check out the Classic Bikini on the Modibodi website by clicking this link.

The size 10 may actually be a little too big for me as they did feel a little loose on the butt so I’m going to make use of the returns policy and try a size 8.

Speaking of the returns policy, it’s really good.


Firstly, they have a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial for first time customers. This means, as a first time customer, you can try any Modibodi garment for 30 days and if you don’t like how they function you can send them right on back! Although that seems a bit weird, surely they don’t want your used period underwear back? I have re-checked my facts and my suspicions were correct, you don’t return them but you do get your money back (after completing a survey)!

Secondly, the normal returns policy is 30 days if you return the garment in original packaging with tags and hygiene sticker intact. You get a choice of full refund for unworn garments (excluding shipping), credit plus 10% (excluding shipping) or exchange for the same item but just in a different size or colour.

Unfortunately my underwear arrived just after my period ended so I can’t give you a review of them in action yet, but I will be sure to report back on that so stay tuned!

I hope you’re now as keen to try these out as I am! The risk-free trial is a great fall back if you buy a pair and decide they’re not for you.

If you want to get your own pair, and get on your way to a Better Period, click this link to head to their website and make your first purchase!

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If you have any questions please comment below or send me an email at

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