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Lunette Cup Review – Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a comprehensive Lunette Cup review? Well, you’re in the right place! This review will cover everything you need to know about the Lunette cup including the size (Model 1 or 2), the cup colours, the price, shipping costs, how to clean your cup, Lunette vs Diva Cup and where to buy Lunette Cup from.

Menstrual Cup Review: Dot Cup

I am SO excited to share with you my experience using the lovely Dot menstrual cup. Inspiring Betsy, the founder of Dot, sent me a Dot Cup from all the way over in the USA (I’m in Australia). I love the power of social media connecting people from all over the globe!
Receiving this little black beauty in the mail and discovering all of the delightful goodies that came inside was such a thrill!

Dot Menstrual Cup

How to choose a Menstrual Cup

Have you been thinking about trying out a menstrual cup but became overwhelmed to discover there are SO. MANY. BRANDS?! How can it be, that you have hardly heard of these things and never even tried one, yet there is a whole world of menstrual cup providers out there that you never knew existed! To write this post I have gathered information from six different menstrual cup brands based around the world, I can tell you that ALL of these brands across the world agree on two factors that need to be considered in choosing your menstrual cup…

How to choose menstrual cup

10 Ways Using A Menstrual Cup Will Make Your Life Better

Girl, I get it, the whole menstrual cup thing can be a bit weird at first. When you talk about ‘catching’ your blood and ‘sustainable’ periods it can seem like a bit of a hippy movement. And it’s certainly not the best dinner party conversation topic! But I’m telling you, it’s game changing and gaining momentum – everyday women are talking about this …on the streets! If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why your life will be better when you use a menstrual cup – we don’t call it The Better Period for nothing!

menstrual cup makes life better

What on Earth is a Menstrual Cup?

If you’re tired of managing your period the same old way with pads and tampons every month, a menstrual cup MAY just become your new best friend – but I don’t want to make any unreasonable promises so I’ll let you learn for yourself!One of the products I firmly believe will make your period better, based on my very own personal experience, is the humble menstrual cup. And I admit it, the name is not glamorous, but let’s cut some slack here, it was after-all invented way back in the day, some eighty years ago!

what is menstrual cup
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