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I am SO excited to share with you my experience using the Dot Cup. Dot Cup is a menstrual cup, that is made in the USA. The company is female founded and supports women both in the USA and internationally through its buy one, give one model. 

The founder of Dot, the inspiring Betsy Drach, kindly sent me a Dot Cup to try. I love the power of social media connecting people from all over the globe!

Fast forward a few years to 14 April 2020, when I have decided to update this post. Looking back, I feel lucky that Betsy reached out to me in the early days of  Dot Cup.

I have enjoyed watching Dot flourish and become a very popular menstrual cup brand worldwide (and my very own personal favourite). 

You too can get in on the Dot Cup craze from wherever you are in the world, just click this link to shop at the Dot Cup store. 

But first, what is a menstrual cup?

If you’re new around here – welcome! You have stumbled across my little corner of the world dedicated to making periods BETTER. If you haven’t done so already, may I suggest you also have a read of some of my popular blog posts WHAT on Earth is a Menstrual Cup? and 10 Ways Using A Menstrual Cup Will Make Your Life Better! Both of these posts will get you up to speed on all things menstrual cup.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a menstrual cup then there are some things you must know before you buy one! I want you to choose the best possible cup for you. Every one of us has our own unique anatomy so it’s important you get an intimate understanding of yours before you go and choose any old cup. That’s why I created The Better Period Guide to Choosing Your Best Menstrual Cup. Enter your details below and I will send you the free guide direct to your inbox:

Now, let’s take a look at Dot Cup

Receiving my Dot Cup in the mail and discovering all of the delightful goodies that came inside was such a thrill!

At the time of originally writing this review, I used the cup for two periods before completing my review, to ensure it was as thorough and real as possible.

I can assure you, I have since used it many, many more times since then!

Despite all of this, this is not a sponsored post in any way. I am not being paid to write about Dot Cup. I purely just love this menstrual cup and love to share with you when I find a great product (or a great product finds me!)

Dot Cup Storage Pouch

Dot Cup comes with a REALLY cute storage pouch. Most menstrual cups I’ve seen come with a pretty daggy storage pouch, usually a drawstring pouch made out of satin or the like – not particularly trendy in my opinion. 

The storage pouch for Dot Cup is completely unique. It is a hand sewn canvas zip pouch, with beautiful artwork painted onto the canvas fabric front. This artwork is by artist Ashley Mary.

I can guarantee there would be no embarrassment if this pouch accidentally fell out of your handbag. In fact, if someone saw this pouch fall out of your bag, they’d probably want to know where you got it! 

Dot Cup Instruction Card

Along with my Dot Cup I also received an awesome instruction card with step-by-step instructions on how to use the menstrual cup, complete with pretty illustrations of how to fold/roll the cup for insertion. If any further instructions are required, the Dot website has heaps of info.

Note this instruction card was what I received with my Dot cup a few years ago, so it may have changed a bit by now. From pictures I’ve seen on Instagram it definitely is different colouring now, but I’m sure the instructions are much the same.

Here is a picture of all the goodies I received with my Dot Cup: 

Dot Cup Menstrual Cup

What about the Cup itself?

Okay, I’ve left you hanging long enough! What about the cup itself?

Dot Cup is sleek and black.

The first thing I noticed was that the silicone was a lot softer than the other cups I’ve used. This means, it’s more flexible and easier to fold for insertion.

I personally find it feels more comfortable once inside and I think that’s due to the softness.

To insert a menstrual cup you fold it or roll it to insert. Once it is inside the idea is that it will ‘pop’ back open to its cup shape and sit below the cervix to catch the menstrual flow.

Proper insertion is crucial because if it’s not open properly or it’s not sitting correctly you could experience leakage. And nobody has time for that!

I have found that the ‘harder’ menstrual cups do seem to ‘pop’ open more easily. But after a couple of goes I successfully mastered the Dot Cup. Just make sure it definitely has popped open, if not, rotate it around a bit or remove and reinsert.

The Colour of the Dot Cup

One more thing I’d like to comment on about the Dot Cup is the colour of the cup. Dot Cup is black, which is cool and sleek. Black never goes out of fashion.

My previous menstrual cups have been clear and the clear cups end up a little discolour over time, which is not the nicest.

The black cup won’t experience this. The black colour is not conducive to stains.

Being black though, it’s not as easy to see your flow.

What do I mean by that? Well, one thing I surprisingly like about using a menstrual cup is being able to see exactly how much I am bleeding. You don’t experience that with a pad or a tampon because the blood is being absorbed, so you don’t really know what’s going on.

If you use the Dot Cup as your first menstrual cup, you might inadvertently not pay as much attention to your flow because you can’t see it as clearly as you otherwise would with a clear cup.

As long as you are aware of this though, then you can consciously make sure you pay some attention to it. I jus find this one way to be more in tune with your period and understand what your menstrual flow is like.

Rating the Dot Cup

One thing is for sure, I gave the Dot Cup a rave review when I first tried in a few years ago and I still give it a rave review today.

I LOVE my Dot Cup and it makes my period so bearable. When using my Dot I actually don’t feel like I have my period at all. That is a total win for me!

It’s perfect and I definitely recommend it. Bearing in mind, every body is different so you do need to understand how to choose the best menstrual cup for you first. If you want to learn more about this before purchasing your first cup, you may like to read my easy guide: The Better Period Guide to Choosing your Best Menstrual Cup.

You can buy your very own Dot Cup online – just click this link to check it out! And I recommend you do because…

I’m giving Dot Cup 5 out of 5 menstrual cup stars in my product review.

So if you want a 5 out of 5 period experience too, I recommend you buy Dot Cup and try it out for yourself.

But not before you check if the Dot Cup is the right size cup for you! Do you know the height of your cervix? The capacity cup you need? Or how firm the perfect cup for you needs to be? If not, you need to read The Better Period Guide to Choosing The Best Menstrual Cup. Enter your details below and I will send you the free guide direct to your inbox:

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below or get in contact with me at

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