Menstrual Cup Quiz

Okay, so you’re looking for a menstrual cup quiz to help you find the best menstrual cup?

You’re in a great place, The Better Period is the corner of the internet I have created that’s dedicated to menstrual cups, period underwear and the menstrual cycle.

Discovering menstrual cups was life-changing for me and instrumental in making my period experience so much better. And now I want to help you have a better period too!

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Menstrual Cup Quiz

There are a number of important factors that go into finding the best menstrual cup and it’s really important you understand those factors before attempting to take a menstrual cup quiz.

Even the best menstrual cup quiz won’t be able to take into account all of your personal circumstances, which is why you need to understand the theory behind the quiz in order to interpret the quiz results.

I can do all of the menstrual cup reviews I like and recommend any number of the popular menstrual cup brands but the best menstrual cup for me is not necessarily going to be the best menstrual cup for you.

What factors matter when choosing a menstrual cup?

We are all unique and our internal reproductive anatomy is also unique to each of us. A cup that works well for your bestie, might not work for you!

Cervix Height

As you’ll learn, if you haven’t already, we each have our own cervix height. Some of us will have a low cervix, some of us will have a high cervix, knowing the height of your cervix is important in choosing the right size cup.

If you have a high cervix you’ll need a longer cup and if you have a low cervix you’ll need a shorter cup. You can learn more about how to find your cervix and measure the height of it in my free menstrual cup guide.

Click the button below to download it now.


Of course we also all have a different flow. There are small cups and large cups and they are capable of holding different capacities.

A cup with a greater capacity will be helpful if you have a heavy flow and a smaller size cup may be suitable if you have a lighter flow.

Generic Sizes

Most menstrual cup brands will make their cups in at least two different sizes.

Generally they will relate cup size to your age or whether you have given birth vaginally before.

But it’s good to look beyond these generic sizing guidelines to ensure you have taken everything into consideration.

Some cup brands like Diva Cup and Hello Cup now have three cup sizes, with the smallest size targeted towards young teenagers using a cup for the first time.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing a menstrual cup and then learning how to use it.

The Better Period Guide to Choosing Your Best Menstrual Cup

To make this as easy as possible for you, I have created The Better Period Guide to Choosing Your Best Menstrual Cup which you can download by clicking the button below

The guide covers:

* What is a menstrual cup;

* Refresher knowledge of our internal reproductive anatomy with a focus on the vagina and cervix – the most important parts of our anatomy in relation to the menstrual cup;

* How to choose a menstrual cup in terms of sizing, length, firmness and capacity;

* How to find and measure your cervix;

* Other considerations to make when choosing a menstrual cup;

* Tips for peace of mind when making the switch to a menstrual cup.

This easy-to-read guide covers everything you need to know to become a menstrual cup pro in no time!

Download the free guide by clicking the button below

You can also find me on Instagram @thebetterperiod_ where I love to talk about all things menstrual cups, period underwear and the menstrual cycle.

You can DM me any time if you have any questions.

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Ellie Heasman

The Better Period

Ellie Heasman is a period blogger and founder of The Better Period. Ellie helps people on their journey to a better period through introducing them to the world of menstrual cups and period underwear, and sharing knowledge about the menstrual cycle and fertility awareness. You can join in the better period conversations on Instagram @thebetterperiod_ or find out more about Ellie here.

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