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If you’re wondering how to wash period underwear, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to share the four easy steps for how to wash Modibodi period underwear but the same would apply for how to wash Thinx or any other brand of period underwear.

Modibodi is my favourite period underwear brand, you can view their amazing range of period underwear by clicking this link – View Modibodi

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What is Period underwear and How Does it Work!

How do you wash period underwear?

OK, now we know period underwear is special underwear that we can bleed straight into, without wearing a pad or tampon. The next question is, how do you wash these magical period blood panties?

Understandably, when people first learn about what period underwear is and how it works, they have a lot of questions. And a lot of those questions are about washing!

How do you wash period underwear? Does period underwear smell? How do you clean period underwear? Do you have to hand wash period underwear? Can you wash period underwear with other clothes or do you need to separately wash them? Is washing period underwear gross? For some, this is such a new concept it can be puzzling to get your head around!

The good news is, period underwear is easy to wash and wear again…and again and again.

Check out this post on Instagram for all the steps, plus bonus washing and care tips!

I’ve based the below steps from the washing and care instructions directly from Modibodi. Modibodi is a fantastic Australian born period underwear brand that is available worldwide. You can check out their wide range of period underwear by clicking this link. If you find something you like, make sure you come back and check out this post to see if there is a discount code you can use: Modibodi Discount Codes.

1. The Secret Washing Step Nobody Talks About

Below I’m going to talk about the 4 easy steps to washing period underwear AFTER you’ve worn it. But first I wanted to mention something that is not really talked about or made very obvious when you first receive your Modibodi.

And that is, to wash the underwear before you wear it! I’ve seen this mentioned on the Modibodi website and in the Modibodi Facebook group, but I never noticed it clearly declared on the packaging when the period underwear arrives.

The reason why you want to wash your period underwear before you wear it, is to activate the absorbent technology in the gusset. To quote Modibodi:

Not only for hygienic purposes (we all need to wash newly bought undies before use!) but also to maximize the performance of your garments.

Before your first wear, give your Modibodi garments a wash as this will help activate the Modifier Technology in the gusset.”


Once you’ve pre-washed you’re ready for your period!

Now let’s take a look at the steps to wash and care for your Modibodi after use.

2. Rinse in Cold Water

After wearing your period underwear, take them off and rinse them under COLD water until the water runs clear. This is the only part of the process that requires you to wash your period underwear by hand.

Don’t soak! Squeezing the gusset part as you’re rinsing is much more effective to get the deposits of blood out of the underwear. Soaking period underwear does not work as well to get the blood out of the gusset.

If you’ve bled into the underwear, you will be able to see that when you rinse them and squeeze them, the blood will run out with the water. You will know they are pretty well rinsed once the water is running clear. 

Does period underwear stain? No, period underwear doesn’t stain. This underwear is literally designed to be bled into, so it makes sense that it is made to be stain resistant.

Step 2: Rinse Period Underwear in Cold Water until water runs clear

3. Gentle Cold Machine Wash

After rinsing your period underwear, put them in with your next load of washing. Yes, you can wash period underwear with the rest of your clothes! Keep them extra safe by placing them in a delicates bag if you can. Modibodi sell delicate bags on their website. Click here to check them out.

Your best bet is to run a cold machine wash. You don’t want to use hot water to wash your period underwear as this can set in the blood. This is a good tip for how to wash out period blood stains in general, always use cold water! (Not that you’ll need to worry about period blood stains if you’re using period underwear!) Blood is a protein stain and hot water can set in the stain.

Do not use any fabric softener or harsh stain removers when washing your period underwear as these can interfere with the special technology of the fabric.

Step 3: Wash period underwear in a cold machine wash. Do not use fabric softener.

4. Hang out to Dry

The best way to dry period underwear is in the good old sun. Hang your period underwear to dry out on the clothesline and if you’re lucky to have some sun, make sure they’re in the sun too. This will help freshen them and dry them quickly. 

Can you tumble dry period underwear? No! Please don’t tumble dry your period underwear. This may break down the high-tech function of the period underwear and reduce durability, meaning they won’t last as long. 

Just be patient and allow them to air dry. 

Step 4: Hang your period underwear out to dry. Do not tumble dry!

5. Extra Care Tips

If you want to go the extra mile in caring for your period underwear, store them in a dry laundry bag to stop any little bugs from eating at the natural fibres. Little closet bugs can be drawn to the natural fibres, so you want to ensure they are kept safely stored away for extra protection.

Modibodi do sell laundry bags, so make sure to add a couple to your cart when you’re next shopping for period underwear. You can click this link to view the Modibodi laundry bags.

Underwear is delicate and period underwear is no different. Be sure to follow the care instructions provided to you when you purchase your period underwear. Look after them and they’ll last longer! 

Step 5: Store your period underwear in a delicates bag for longer lasting wear

How long do period underwear last?

Modibodi says that if you look after your period underwear in accordance with the care instructions, they should last you two years. I’ve had some of my Modibodi for longer than that though!

How long has your period underwear lasted? Let me know in the comments below!

Why You Shouldn’t Soak Period Underwear

Someone asked this in the comments section and it’s a great question so I wanted to update this post to answer the question!

From what we know about washing, it seems like soaking period underwear would be a good way to wash it, but it’s actually not! Rinsing the underwear and squeezing the deposits under running water until the water runs clear is much more effective. Soaking does not necessarily remove all the gusset deposits fully.

Furthermore, Modibodi says soaking period underwear can actually cause can cause the thinning down and effect the efficiency/function of the antimicrobial treatment.

And if left soaking for more than a few hours, your underwear can end up smelling mildewy and musty.

Long story short, try not to soak your period underwear!

If you’re not ready to wash your period underwear straight away after rinsing them, don’t worry, just leave them hanging somewhere like the laundry, until you’re ready to wash them.

Why Do We Need to Wash Period Underwear in Cold Water?

It’s pretty important to wash period underwear in cold water as hot water may cause the blood to set in to the fabric.

Blood is a protein and proteins bind together when heated.

So what does that mean for rinsing your period underwear in the shower? You can still rinse your period underwear in the shower, just do it before the water gets warm OR do a cold blast at the end and rinse them then.


There you have it. It’s really only three steps plus washing before wear and a bonus extra care tip to taking extra special care of your period underwear. I told you it was easy!

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period underwear & Menstrual Cups – The Perfect Companions

Just like spaghetti and meatballs, period underwear goes perfectly with a menstrual cup, especially if you’re just getting started with using a menstrual cup. I wear a combination of period underwear and a menstrual cup when I have my period.

At night time and when I go to bed, I love to wear my Modibodi period underwear on their own. They are so comfortable to sleep in and I do not miss night time pads!

During the day, especially on my first couple of heavier days, I like to wear a menstrual cup and wear my Modibodi period underwear as back up, in case of any menstrual cup leaks or overflow.

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12 thoughts on “How to Wash Period Underwear”

  1. Why can’t I soak the underwear? I don’t run the washing machine daily so why can’t I soak the underwear while I wait until my next laundry day. It seems ridiculous seeing as periods last days and you’ll be going through multiple pairs of underwear but you can’t use a washing machine daily.

    1. Hi Jenna, instead of leaving them soaking while you wait until your next laundry day, you can just hang them somewhere like the laundry until you are ready to wash. Modibodi says not to soak because “soaking can cause the potential thinning down and effect the efficiency/function of our antimicrobial treatment. Squeezing the deposits under the running water is much more effective, as soaking does not necessarily remove all the gusset deposit fully. It is more effective to rinse under running water and then place them into the washing machine.” Also they mention that if you leave the underwear soaking for more than a few hours it can end up smelling mildewy and musty. So best to rinse them until the water runs clear and then hang them somewhere until you’re ready to wash. Hope this helps!

  2. Me sitting here reading “do not soak” while my underwear is soaking 🤡
    Thank you for making this article btw! I’m very new to period underwear and this is very helpful

    1. Hi Tiffany, it shouldn’t matter too much, just don’t do it going forward and they should be okay. Fabric softener breaks down the hi-tech function of the underwear and reduces their durability. But if you did it once or twice then it should be okay 🙂

  3. Hi there! How do I guarantee that there will be no bacterial residue when I rinse and wash my undies only with cold water? Wearing them for almost 8 hours a day seems like a good “breading ground” (moist and warm?), and I thought washing them with a higher temp would be standard – just to be safe. Since they require a cold wash, wouldn’t it be better to soak them in a disinfecting formula for a few minutes after rinsing, before they go off into the wash?

    1. Hi Nina, that’s a great question. On their website Modibodi answer the following FAQ: What makes Modibodi products anti-bacterial? and their answer is this:
      Modibodi™ uses high quality natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends with the latest in antimicrobial fibres to create a highly comfortable, functional garment. We use an antimicrobial treatment that does not use nano-technology, and is OEKO-Tek approved and registered with the Environmental Protection Authority to eliminate bacteria and odour, which is necessary to maintain hygienic freshness.

      They also mention that the merino wool, used in the top layer of the absorbent gusset, wicks away moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial.

    1. Hi Riss, personally I machine wash and that is what the washing instructions do suggest. However I have seen Modibodi answer a question about hand washing and they say if you ensure you are thoroughly washing out all of the debris while hand washing then it will be fine. Make sure you dont soak as this can cause thinning of the lining. Hope this helps, Ellie

  4. I have to say, I love modibodi too, but the more often you use them you really discover that odour starts to build up in them. I am going to use a hot wash cycle next time, or maybe soak them in white vinegar for a while, because this rinse and cold wash routine ain’t cutting it I’m afraid .
    For the rest they are in perfect nick, and I’ve had them for over a year now. But yeah, I think they need need a hot wash to kill odour causing bacteria or a vinegar soak.

    1. Hi Rose, sorry to hear you are experiencing odour with your Modibodi underwear! Some tips i’ve seen recommended by Modibodi to combat this are to ensure you are rinsing thoroughly straight after wear, then if you’re not washing them in the machine straight away, hang them somewhere to dry as leaving them wet or soaking can create a mildew smell. Then try adding some white vinegar to your wash load. It is not recommended to soak them as this can cause a smell and also break down the absorbent gusset. I’ve seen other people say in the Modibodi Community Facebook Group that they recommend using Dettol Laundry Sanitiser and also making sure it’s a long wash. Hopefully you may find some of these tips useful!

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