Guide to Choosing Menstrual Cup


Everything you need to help you choose a menstrual cup that will suit yOU and YOUR BODY…

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Everything you need to know to choose the best menstrual cup for you!

Choosing a menstrual cup is a highly individual choice. The cup that works for your bestie won’t necessarily work for you, because we all have our own unique anatomy. Learn how to choose a cup that will fit YOU.

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In this detailed, but easy to understand guide, you will learn the relevant factors to consider when choosing a menstrual cup that’s right for YOU.

Understanding how to choose a menstrual cup that’s best for you is simple, once you know how.

Don’t waste money on a menstrual cup that won’t work for you! 

Did you know? A menstrual cup needs to sit in your vaginal canal below your cervix. You need to choose a menstrual cup that is the correct length to fit between the opening of your vagina and the cervix.

If you choose a menstrual cup that is too long, it won’t fit and it may protrude outside of your vagina – this is not practical or comfortable!

If you choose a menstrual cup that is too short, it may be difficult to reach for removal. This could cause panic that it’s lost inside you!

Learn how to choose a Menstrual cup that is the correct length for You

Did you know your cervix has a height? And the height of your cervix changes throughout the different phases of your cycle?! Learn how to measure the height of your cervix, the best time in your cycle to measure your cervix and how to convert your cervix measurement to choose the correct length menstrual cup.

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