I’m currently studying to become a Fertility Awareness Educator and I am loving it! Once I finish my studies I will be qualified to teach people to chart their cycles to identify when they’re fertile and when they’re not fertile. They can then use this information to either achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy or just as a tool to monitor their general health.

As I learn I am sharing my passion for fertility awareness with the knowledge I have gained from the course and from many wonderful fertility awareness resources.

If you don’t currently chart your cycle and identify when you ovulate by observing your basal body temperature, cervical fluid or cervical position, then you are going to be blown away by what there is to learn in this space.

Please take your time to read through all of my below posts on the fascinating subject of fertility awareness.

Tempdrop Review

A Tempdrop is an investment in your FAM journey but it is well worth it for how much easier it makes temping. Read this post …
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What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility awareness is the practice of observing and charting the physical signs of fertility that occur during the menstrual cycle, in order to determine the …
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