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Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies are currently on sale! Buy 2 pairs, get 20% off. Click this link to head straight to the Bonds website and take advantage of this sale while it lasts!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting Bonds Period Undies. When iconic Australian underwear brand Bonds released their very own period underwear range, I was so surprised! The Bonds period underwear range is called Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies. And I bloody love it. I love the name of it and I love that a popular brand like Bonds is making period underwear more visible and accessible to the masses.

But do I love the product? Read on to find out what I think and what others think too because I surveyed my Instagram audience for their opinions too!

You can be the judge and check out the Bonds period undies range for yourself by clicking on this link.

Bonds Make Period Undies Mainstream

Bonds is a cool, fun brand and they have a loyal fan base. I know that with Bonds bringing the Bloody Comfy Period Undies into their product line, they are going to bring a whole new world of people on board with period underwear. And that is a wonderful thing.

Period underwear invokes a sense of fear in many. The fear of tsunami-like menstrual fluid leaks, the fear of sitting in wet period underwear not much different to a pad and the fear of facing the seemingly impossible task of cleaning your period-soaked underwear without a huge mess. 

I get it. I can talk until I’m blue in the face about how good period underwear is, how comfortable it is, how it’ll make your period so much better…but many people will still not buy it.

Case in point: one of my closest friends. I have been talking about period underwear for years. She’s asked me about it several times, but has never taken the plunge to try it out. Literally one week after Bonds launches their period underwear range, she buys three pairs! What can I say, the Bonds brand sells. 

Instagram post from Bonds advertising their Bloody Comfy Period Undies range.

What is Period Underwear?

Regardless of the brand, most period underwear works as leak-proof, absorbent underwear you can wear on your period. Period underwear is designed with special technology and an absorbent gusset, that will absorb your menstrual fluid.

The underwear will usually come in different levels of absorbency like light, medium and heavy. Depending on the quality of the period underwear brand you choose and if you choose the correct absorbency level for the heaviness of your flow, you should be able to wear period underwear on its own without having to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup.

If you want to learn more about period underwear, then head to this page and browse through the previous period underwear posts I have written.

How Do Bonds Period Undies Work?

On their website Bonds period undies currently only come in two different absorbency levels – moderate days and heavy days. They have previously posted on Instagram about four different absorbency levels which also included ultra light days and light days, but I cannot see those on their website at the time of updating this post (in May 2021).

Bonds say their period underwear absorbency levels can handle the following amount of menstrual flow:

Heavy Days – 4 tampons worth for heavy flow and overnight

Moderate Days – 3 tampons worth for moderate flow

They each contain an odour-neutralising technology and layered gusset that wicks away moisture to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

According to Bonds, their heavy days undies contain five layers of protection that work like this:

Layer 1 Wicks Away Moisture – rapidly draws out moisture and dries fast;

Layer 2 Super Absorbent – equates up to 4 tampons worth;

Layer 3 Extra Absorbent Layer – for those heavier flow days;

Layer 4 Leak Proof – keeps you and your clothes looking schmick;

Layer 5 Anti Odour – so you can feel fresh as a daisy.

Instagram Post from Bonds explaining how the Bonds Heavy Days period undies work.

Where to Buy Bonds Period Undies?

OK so the Bonds brand also sold to me. I bought two pairs the day they launched. ‘It’s for research purposes’ I told myself as I contemplated whether I need to allocate a whole separate drawer to my ever-growing period underwear collection.

I purchased mine directly from the Bonds website just after they launched. Given the global circumstances at the time (I ordered them in April 2020, need I say more), the delivery from Bonds took a little longer than anticipated (just over two weeks). Unfortunately it arrived just at the tail end of my period.

But now you can buy Bonds period undies in a HEAP of retailers, making them super accessible, especially at the last minute, which let’s face it, can come in handy when dealing with periods!

If you’re in Australia, you can expect to find the Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies in stores like Woolworths, Target, Big W, Best & Less, Myer and Bras & Things. As well as the Bonds shop of course and online.

Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies are currently on sale! Buy 2 pairs, get 20% off. Click this link to head straight to Bonds and take advantage of this sale while it lasts!

Bonds Period Underwear Sizing and Styles

The Bonds Period Undies come in a great range of styles, colours, patterns and sizes, while still maintaining the much-loved Bonds look and feel to them.

On the Bonds website, the current period underwear sizes range from a size 6 to a size 20.

And there are four different styles:

Full Brief
String Bikini (Tanga)

Click here to head to their website and check out the current range of colours and patterns. They do have some really fun and funky patterns as well as solid colours like black, grey marle and blush latte.

From the Bonds Bumps and Baby Instagram, two women standing in a black pair and a Wild at Heart pair of Bonds Period Undies

How to Wash Bonds Period Undies

I have written a detailed post on how to wash period underwear which you can read here. But in short, washing Bonds period underwear is simple and takes just three easy steps:

  1. After use, take them off and rinse under cold water until the water runs clear. It’s important to use cold water as hot water can cause the blood to set in. Blood is a protein which binds together when heated.
  2. Pop them in with your next load of washing on a cold machine wash. Yes they can be washed with your other clothes. Do not use fabric softener.
  3. Hang them out to dry. Air dry on the line, in the sunshine if you’ve got some. Don’t put them in the dryer.

So Do Bonds Period Undies Work and Are They Any Good?

I was really impressed with the Bonds period undies when they arrived. They were comfortable and fit me well and the absorbent gusset didn’t feel particularly bulky.

After washing them though, the absorbent gusset seemed to bunch up a little inside which makes them feel more bulky.

The Bonds period undies are made from cotton which makes them soft and breathable, but I’m not sure how well it works as an absorbent gusset, because I do feel like they don’t rinse as well as my Modibodi period underwear.

I only purchased the bikini cut, which doesn’t give as much coverage as the Modibodi period underwear styles I have, however this would perhaps be rectified with a fuller cut like the full brief. The Bonds full brief does look super comfortable.

I tried the Bonds undies overnight and didn’t experience any leaks which is great!

What Do Others Have to Say About Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies?

Everyone’s period is different and so our period underwear experiences will also differ. For this reason, I thought it would be good to ask my Instagram audience what they thought about their Bonds Period Undies and here’s what they had to say…

“Bonds period undies are comfy, a good cut and 100% reliable to do their job without leaks” – Marina

“I came off birth control in January this year for the first time in 7 years. I was using the implant in my arm so I barely had periods. It was all about changing my life for a healthier way, and the first thing I did was buy 2 pairs of Bonds period undies to test them out…OH MY GOSH I have 6 pairs now and do I love them. I have the bikini, regular flow undies. Never had a leak, I do have a medium flow. I tell all my female friends and family members constantly about changing to these undies if they ever decide to dump tampons and pads. Best investment I ever made.” – Stef

“I love my Bonds period underwear! I’m a restless sleeper so I wear the briefs in heavy to bed and I no longer wake up to the pad being moved throughout the night causing leakages. I also wear the thong to the gym and I don’t have to worry about any leakages. Sometimes when I’m spotting after my period and it’s not enough to use a tampon I’ll just wear my Bonds period thong and it’s the best! They are so comfy and really soft material.” – Jess

“I love them for daytime but can’t wear them at night because I sleep on my tummy and the absorbent part doesn’t come up high enough at the front and I leak. This is with the heavy high waisted pair too. I do like the tummy support the high waist has through the daytime!” – Gabi

“I wear Bonds period undies when I go for my morning walks when I’m on my period. I am nearly positive I have moderate absorbency so I don’t wear them on my really heavy days – and I only wear them for an hour or so during my walk.

I don’t find them as comfortable for all day wear as other brands, but they’re perfect for me to get all sweaty in during my walk and then so quick to wash. I find they don’t absorb the fluid as quickly as Modibodi (my fave!) so I can ‘feel’ the blood a little more as it absorbs. I would recommend sizing up as I bought the size I usually wear and they’re just a little snug.

They’re a good affordable option, with the added bonus that I found them at Woolies so I didn’t have to order them online! I haven’t experienced leaks but I don’t wear these all day or to bed 🙂

I prefer Modibodi over all other period undies, and Love Luna are another brand I’ll wear during my walk, but some of my girlfriends LOVE Bonds – I think they fit their body types more than mine, maybe!” – Rosie

Thank you to everyone who shared so openly with me about their experience with Bonds period undies, I think it’s so helpful to hear a range of experiences rather than just my single experience. I hope this has been helpful for you!

Bonds vs Modibodi

If you’ve followed me for some time then it will be no secret I am a huge fan of Modibodi period underwear.

Modibodi is an Australian business built from the ground up by inspiring female entrepreneur Kristy Chong.

I love that Modibodi is purely dedicated to leak-proof and sweat-proof apparel. This makes me trust the quality and effectiveness of their product more, compared to Bonds who seem to have tacked period underwear onto their existing underwear range without providing all that much information about how their product came to fruition.

Modibodi have been around since 2013 so have spent almost the last decade developing their products and constantly innovating and improving. In this time they have also expanded into a huge range of styles, sizes, absorbencies (including maxi 24 hour) and additional items like period proof swimwear, period proof workout leggings and shorts as well as breastfeeding singlets.

You can click this link to explore their entire range.

The other fantastic thing about Modibodi is they offer a 60-Day risk free trial to new customers. This means, as a first-time customer, you can try one Modibodi garment for 60 days risk-free. If you don’t like how they function, they will happily give you your money back (minus the cost of shipping).

When it comes down to it, I always reach for my Modibodi underwear when I have my period and I wear Bonds as a second option when my Modibodi are in the wash or I’m at the end of my period.

Bonds are definitely more affordable and accessible than Modibodi though and I’m all for making period underwear more available to as many people as possible. So for that I think Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies are bloody fantastic.

See Bonds Period Undies Up Close

I filmed a YouTube video to show you what the Bonds period undies look like, up close and personal, and how they look on a real person (me)!

Give it a watch below and let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Bonds Period Undies”

  1. I actually HATE bonds take on period underwear. They are NOT bloody comfy, though it might have made for a punny name.

    They have way too much of that “nappy” feel. As soon as I tried them on it was a huge NOPE. I’m so pissed I spent the $$ on these as it’s something you can’t return even if you haven’t used. They’re just going to sit in my cupboard because I’ve tried and. Just hate wearing them they make me irritated which is something you don’t need to add to your period experience.

    I much prefer Love Luna… comfier, fit so much better and the padding isn’t rigid like bonds.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Carly!! That’s so annoying that you’ve found them irritating. I definitely prefer Modibodi to Bonds as the absorbent lining doesn’t get bunched up inside, it’s just all one nice smooth panel. I might do a post to compare the two. I have friends though that have tried the Bonds ones and love them. They haven’t tried other brands though so they don’t have any comparison.

  2. Thanks for your review. My daughter and I are new to period underwear and have just trialled Modibodi… which I was really impressed with. I saw bonds had some too and wondered about them, but thought $25 is a lot if you don’t like them. Since we liked Modibodi straight away, I think we will stick with them!

    1. Thanks for your comment Becky! I’m glad to hear your daughter and you have discovered Modibodi period underwear and are liking them. They really do make for such a better period experience, in my opinion anyway! 🙂

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