Black Friday Sales

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Here’s what awesome period products are on sale this Black Friday weekend:

Period Underwear


Modibodi have a HUGE Black Friday sale on now until 30 Nov.

Save 20% when you spend over $120 AUD with the code CYBER20.

Save 30% when you spend over $200 AUD with the code CYBER30.

Menstrual Cups

The Hello Cup

The Hello Cup has arrived early on their Black Friday sale, but unlike an early period, we aren’t sad about it.

They’ve got 30% off all menstrual cups until Monday! How good is that. Also, The Hello Cup is sold in NZD, which makes it an even better price on exchange.

I took advantage and purchased their low cervix cup, which I’m excited to try out!

Image via Instagram @thehellocup

Period Books

The Bright Girl Guide by Demi Spaccavento

The Bright Girl Guide is written by the awesome Demi from @brightgirlhealth. If you want to make sense of your menstrual cycle and your period symptoms and learn how to use your period to your advantage then you want to read this.

It’s also a great Christmas present idea for any teenage girl or young adult girl in your life. They will learn so much from this book!

30% off ebook and 15% off paperback, no code needed! Just head straight to The Bright Girl shop

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Period Support

The PCOS Bible

A super exciting sale is coming on The PCOS Bible ebooks! From Friday, you can get 50% OFF on ALL ebooks, including:

The PCOS Bible Ebook

The Workouts Home and Gym Edition (PCOS specific 12 week workout program)

Nourish Your Hormones Recipe Ebook

Kayla Jade from The PCOS Bible is a qualified nutrition, mindset and menstrual cycle coach who has put together the ULTIMATE guide for women with PCOS. If you want to learn how to get to the root cause of your PCOS, how to say goodbye to PCOS symptoms like acne, hair growth, hair loss, irregular cycles and hello to balance hormones a better menstrual cycle and healthier version of you, then these resources are for you!

Image supplied by The PCOS Bible

My Moonbox

My Moonbox have only just recently launched their shop and now they are running a PINK FRIDAY Sale with 15% off storewide plus free shipping on all Australian orders over $50!

With My Moonbox products and education combined you can support your body back to balance so that you can become the happiest, healthiest & most confident version of yourself throughout your entire cycle.

My Moonbox will help you understand the root causes of common PMS symptoms & what effective steps you can take to help say goodbye to them for good. 

Fertility Awareness Accessories


Ahh, I’ve been hanging out for this sale so I can finally invest in a Tempdrop temperature tracker. I currently use a cheap thermometer to take my temperature orally every morning, which works perfectly well, it’s just a bit of a pain as I have to remember to do it as soon as I wake up and then lay there for 5-10 minutes to get an accurate temperature reading.

The Tempdrop is an armband that tracks your basal body temperature throughout the night. They aren’t cheap, so it’s an investment, but with $30 USD off all orders for their Black Friday sale, I’m jumping on it!

Tempdrop Basic | Fertility Tracking Tool | Ovulation Tracking - Tempdrop
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