Amy Schumer Talks Menstrual Cups and Period Underwear

Amy Schumer’s comedy special ‘Growing’ recently landed on Netflix screens and if you’re in need of a good laugh, then may I suggest you sit down and watch it! I did, last Friday night, with my sister-in-law and we laughed the whole way through.

BUT be warned….it’s crude and there is absolutely no filter. So if you don’t find humour in jokes about pregnancy, loose vaginas, periods, yeast infections, pubes and your mum’s bush then you probably don’t want to watch this one. There’s swearing and a lot of really, real talk about all of the girl things.

Amy Schumer jokes about periods

Where it got me the most, of course, was when Amy landed on the topic of periods! So. much. period. humour. I can’t effectively relay the jokes to you in writing, so you really just need to watch it and then come back to me so we can laugh about it together!

Amy Schumer tells us we don’t need tampons anymore

Watch out for the scene where Amy starts telling the audience that she’s really excited because tampons are not needed anymore.

“There’s a new invention, do you guys know what I’m talking about?” she asks the audience.


One audience member yells out “THE DIVA CUP.”


“Noo, not the Diva Cup…” Amy responds, “…that is terrifying”.

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The Diva Cup Removal according to Amy Schumer 

Amy goes on to explain what the Diva Cup is and she describes it very succinctly before likening the removal of it to a Kill Bill scene. It’s very funny. 

Try not to be put off though. The menstrual cup is an awesome alternative to pads and tampons and can seriously change your life. I’ve written before about the many ways using a menstrual cup will make your life better as well as my top 5 tips for your first time using a menstrual cup.

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Amy Schumer Diva Cup

Period Panties vs pads according to Amy Schumer

The new invention Amy was actually referring to was THINX, which are period underwear. Yep, underwear you can just bleed straight into. Exciting because they negate the need to wear pads or, as Amy hilariously describes them, “foot-long diapers…with little adhesive wings that always stick to your pubes…a real treat.”

Period underwear is no joke though, it’s a real thing. If you want to know more about period underwear I talk about it here in my post: What is Period Underwear.

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Amy leaves no taboo topic unturned in this hilarious comedy special. Check out the official trailer below and settle in for the full length special tonight! 

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