About me

My name is Ellie and aside from having a passion for periods, I lead a pretty normal life.

I’m married to my husband Tim and we recently moved to Port Macquarie, Australia where we live with our beautiful cat Remy. A few years ago I would have told you I’m not a cat person, but I’ve changed my tune since then! Remy is so cute, naughty too, but mostly cute and we love him so much.

ellie and remy

When I’m not working, I love to get outside and soak up the sunshine. I’ve enjoyed a number of winter holidays but I’m definitely a summer girl. I suppose it’s a cliché to say, but I love to travel and experience the world and different cultures.

I was born and raised in Sydney, where I have lived my whole life, until very recently. On my bucket list I’d love to live overseas at some stage!

Before becoming mad about periods, I had a very different life. After finishing school, I started working full time as an accountant while completing my Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting degree. I then continued with post-graduate study to became a Chartered Accountant and all up I worked as an accountant for over ten years, including at two Big Four accounting firms, before finally quitting my job just prior to our wedding.

After we got married in 2019, we embarked on what was meant to be a honeymoon-year where we were going to base ourselves in Bali and work on our online businesses. Sadly, after only one month in, a close family member very suddenly passed away and we came home to be with the family. Life got in the way and we ended up staying in Sydney.

Hopefully one day we’ll get back there, or somewhere similar, at least for a little while!

tim and ellie heasman

I spend a lot of my time consuming as much knowledge as I can about periods and the menstrual cycle. I love to listen to, read and talk about anything and everything to do with periods, but it’s still a pretty taboo topic. I aim to breakdown that taboo by talking about periods, the menstrual cycle and our fertility openly and honestly. I do this most often on my Instagram stories, so if you want to join in the conversation head to @thebetterperiod_ I’d love to connect with you.

I’m always looking for people to talk about periods with, so head over to my Contact Page if you want to get in touch with me.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward getting to know you too xx 

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