Looking for a better period?

you're in the right place

Periods don’t have to be inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Pads and tampons are not your only option.

You can have a better period.

Hi, I'm Ellie

I started The Better Period after going through my own journey to a better period.

After discovering menstrual cups and period underwear I found they improved my period experience so much!

Since then, I’ve discovered there’s so much more to our menstrual cycle than the annoying few days of bleeding.

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Where to begin

If you’d like to have a better period experience and discover the power of your menstrual cycle, you can!

Through the use of better period products like menstrual cups and period underwear combined with a better knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle and fertility awareness, you’ll be on your way to a better period in no time.

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